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Revolutionary War Reenactment

"There’s just something special about a man with a musket!"  -- WJB




Artwork courtesy of David Jahntz, 2VA, NWTA


General Knowledge:  Free Yale Lectures on the Revolutionary War [video]
          Revolutionary War Animated Map [video]
          Revolutionary War Quiz for Kids (and reenactors to answer!)   And a little more in soldier pay background    
          Rev War "Myths"  eMuseum:  Mount Vernon  

Journal of the American Revolution Free Subscription    Twistification:  Interesting Rev War Blog
          Liberty!  The American Revolution:  video, program 2  video program 6    
         The American Revolutionary War:
  video, part 1    video, part 2
          How Britain Lost America (video)   The War That Made America:  video, part 1  video, part 2 
          video, part 3   Yorktown, Now or Never   A British Documentary on George WashingtonList of Continental Army Officers

          The Revolutionary War (Charles Kuralt)   The American Revolution (Bill Kurtis)
          American History - Rebels   List of Continental Army Officers
          Battle Descriptions (includes maps; click on specific battles in left column)  
          Patriotic Resources   Historic Sites   Thomas Paine Documents  Founders Archives

          Museum of the American Revolution (Support the original "Greatest Generation"!)
          The American Revolutionary War    Revolutionary War Audio & Video Tutorials

          How To Articles from NWTA

Maps American Revolution Battle Maps  and West Point's Rev War Battle Maps
                Animated Maps    Road to Revolution (Virginia) 


Soldier's Clothing


Musket Firing and Cleaning (Charleville)

Manual of Arms:

        Von Steuben Manual of Arms:  Cantigny 2012 (video)  Von Steuben Facing Movements (video)

        Manual of Arms -- West Point  (diagrams,Von Steuben, courtesy Cadet Gray)

        Manual of Arms (Another description, Von Steuben)   18th Century Musket Manual

        Von Steuben's Manual (facsimile of 1794 edition)  Another facsimile

        Manual of Arms Commentary     Manual of Arms Description (Encyclopedia Brittanica, 1797)

        Manual of Arms 1764    Manual of Arms 1764     Used by Patriots until Von Steuben, Valley Forge Winter 1777-78

        Videos:  Von Steuben's Musket Drill    1764 Manual of Arms     1764 Manual of Arms    1764 Manual of Arms Firing Procedure
                        1764 Manual of Arms    1764 Drill at Old North Bridge 
King's Royal Yorkers   2nd Virginia NWTA Facing Movements   
2nd Virginia NWTA 
1st Virginia Drill  
Old Guard Drill      Stack Arms (Civil War -3)    Stack Arms (Civil War Style - 4)

Military Unit Sizes:  British and Colonial  Continental Army

Battle of Yorktown:  British Battles  Order of Battle (Divisions, Brigades, Regiments, Battalions,   
                                    Companies; Legions (Cavalry & Infantry)

Links to information from:  11th Pennsylvania Regiment and
                                 6th Connecticut Regiment (& their valuable Tips for Better Drill)
                                 Southern Campaign Revolutionary War Records

Setting up an 18th Century Wedge Tent

Patriotic Toasts :  Eg, "Perpetual itching without the benefit of scratching to the Enemies of America!"
     Also:  "Live free or die:  Death is not the worst of evils." 

Directory of Valuable Re-enacting Links   

Cantigny (Wheaton, IL) Rev War Reenactment Events:
2005 -Video , 2009 - Video,   2009 - Photographs, 2010 -News Video, 2011 - Photographs, 2012 - Video

Concord Revolutionary War Reenactment 4/18/2009

Revolutionary War Relics at Cemetery Memorial for Veterans in Bloomingdale, IL

Revolutionary War Book Reviews

2nd Virginia Regiment Information: 
           Wikipedia Information about 2nd Virginia, 2nd Virginia Regiment Overview, Other 2nd Virginia at Brandywine 2010 video,
           2nd Virginia Regiment History I, 2nd Virginia Regiment History II,
2nd Virginia Regiment History III,
           Wayne Letter about 2VA Febiger @ Stony Point



2nd Virginia Regiment, NWTA, center to right front line of unit, 11 Sep 2011. Visit us at

Vendors:  Crazy Crow, Godwin, Jarnagin, Jas. Townsend and Son, Loyalist Arms, & Track of the Wolf 
Avalon Forge    Just2Tailors   Smoke & Fire   "Take Notice" Products:  Yellow Beard Creations 
Clothing materials and patterns:  Wm Booth, Draper

Interesting article:  Revolutionary War Medicine
Other interesting items:
  Frontier Doctors DVD     Washington's Brass Key to the Bastille
Washington's Favorite Cologne (Caswell-Massey Number Six), gave it as gift to Lafayette

Mount Vernon's Bastille Key - George Washington's "Liberty Key"

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2nd Virginia Regiment Facebook Page   2nd Virginia NWTA Crown & Colony Event Video

2nd Virginia Regt. Webpage

includes many instructional videos, eg:

2nd Virginia History, Manual of Arms, Facing Movements, Bullet-making 1, Bullet-making 2,

Cartridge-making, Reenactment Cartridge-making, Band, Medicine, Encampment Tour 




West Point Lore


Curiosity:  What is "blue beef" as referred to in many Revolutionary War accounts?  It is believed to be beef from the highly-muscled Belgian Blue cattle that were common at that time in the colonies.


Revolutionary War Book Reviews     NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH TIPS

   George Washington’s Liberty Key:
Mount Vernon's Bastille Key – the Mystery and Magic of Its Body, Mind, and Soul

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"No punishment, in my opinion, is too great for the man who can 'build his greatness upon his country's ruin.'"  — George Washington
"Arbitrary power [tyranny, dictatorship] is most easily established on the ruins of liberty abused to licentiousness [lawlessness, irresponsibility, anarchy]." — George Washington

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