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This site is meant to be a reference tool for veterans.  Our listing does not constitute endorsement, although we realize a link might seem to increase an entity's credibility.  For this reason, we are beginning to delist "big-buck" organizations that are not government related.  As an example, we have never listed mesothelioma lawyers for vet disability or for-profit colleges looking to help veterans with their GI Bill.  We can also understand that vets may want "vet" mortgages, "vet loans," "vet" insurance, "vet" real-estate, vacations, shoes, pants, and at times cigarettes, but especially for commercial, money-related items and services, we're trying to restrict our list to "small-buck," hard-to-find items that are of interest mostly only to vets.  And, yes, we know that vets would like free advice on vitamins and everything else of interest to seniors.  But they can find that elsewhere.  And, yes, we know that vets would like information on useful vet-related issues, but when they lead to advertisements (either on the website, adjacent pop-ups, or follow-on emails to lured-in subscribers) of expensive follow-on services (such as private colleges, financial services, legal services, and medical services, eg PTSD treatment, competing with the VA, to name just a few), we'll not knowingly be party to or link to such.  Especially, please don't send us general, non-specific emails asking to be put in touch with the person responsible for listings.  And aunts who have orphaned nieces who want links to their patriotic poems leading to tremendous timeshare offerings, please don't bother; same for folks billing themselves as curious "students," just wanting to help veterans by recommending what are ultimately for-fee services/products.  Sorry real students and pastors, we've been had before.  If your organization thinks it fits the bill, just send us your website and a link request.  If we like your link, we'll get back to you.  If not, you won't hear from us, even when you inquire again and again.  If your organization clearly doesn't fit the bill, please save us all some time and don't send an email.  Thanks for your understanding!   


"Give Smart"
"More than 60 percent of the charities that claim to benefit veterans earn a D or an F grade on www.CharityWatch.org
Others, however, capture the top mark of A.  ... 'One thing I always look for is clarity,' he [CEO of Guidestar, largest source of info about non-profits] says.  'The organization should be clear about what they do that leads to lasting results.  If all they're talking about is the problem, and if it's a number of sob stories about veterans' problems and not about how the approach addresses those problems, that could be an organization to avoid.  It should be about linking what is done with results donors want achieved.'" --  Chicago Tribune, "Primetime Salutes Veterans" supplement, p.1.  6 Nov 2015

Before contributing to any charity, we strongly recommend checking them out beforehand at www.charitynavigator.org
We are starting to delist 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit charitable organizations with less than 4-star ratings. 
We also don't list organizations just because they have a .org listing. 

Note these reports:

Donation Deception   Charity Accountability   Veterans Charity Fraud   How to Detect Fundraising Scam   Wise Giving

As well, if you don't know the "charity" well, do all you can to find out more, especially to see if they're telling you the whole truth.  Are they just a telemarketing company passing on 10% of the proceeds?  Are they taking credit for someone else's work (perhaps even a VFW post's)?  It's easy to take photographs of other folks and organizations doing the real work!  If their response to a challenge implies that  "ends justify means," run away fast!  There're bound to be other falsehoods lurking in the unexamined shadows!  Watch out for any self-dealing and self-enrichment! 

 "Let's be careful out there!" (to include using this "living document" list).  B4 U give, fully investigate any "vet" charity. 
Hold your wallets (and your hard-earned money) tight -- except for deserving charities, of course!


Where veterans can seek help for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
and Suicide Prevention:  http://www.ptsd.va.gov/public/where-to-get-help.asp    Dial 9-1-1 in case of emergencies!

PTSD Locator and Directory for specialized treatment

Army Review Boards

Veterans Freebies/Discounts              www.bahrnoproducts.com/VetDiscounts.htm


"It is well that war is so terrible, or we would grow too fond of it."
-- Robert E. Lee, surveying the carnage at Fredericksburg, December, 1862

  In remembrance 
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VFW Helpline                      800 VFW-1899  (839-1899)
IL Dept of Vet Affairs         217 782-6641      833 S Spring St, POB 19432, Springfield, IL 62794
                                             www.state.il.us/agency/dva/contactus.htm and
VFW Dept of IL Service Office  www.vfwilserviceoffice.com
VA Benefits:                        800 827-1000      http://www.benefits.va.gov/benefits/ and https://www.ebenefits.va.gov/ebenefits-portal/ebenefits.portal

VA Benefits Calculator                                  http://benefits.military.com/reg/Veterans-Benefits.do 
Hines VA Hospital Map    Hines VA Hospital Map
More benefits site map    www.military.com/sitemap/
Health Benefits                  877 222-8387
Education Benefits            888 442-4551
Life Insurance                    800 669-8477
Debt Management             800 827-0648
Mammography Hotline      888 492-7844
Telecommunications Device
   for the Deaf                      800 829-4833
DuPage County Vet Cntr    708 516-7529  (Readjustment Counseling Service)
   Other Vet Cntrs               708 383-2225 (155 S. Oak Park Ave, Oak Park, IL  60302)
                                              847 332-1019 (565 Howard St, Evanston, IL  60202)
Chicago Standdown           Paul J. Bezazian (773 637-2469 or pbezazian at sbcglobal.net)

Illinois Warrior Assistance Program    www.illinoiswarrior.com

CHAMPVA                             800 733-8387
Headstones and Markers  800 697-6947
All Flags (Flags & grave markers)   630 351-5481
Gulf War &                            800 749-8387
    Agent Orange Helpline  
Health Eligibility Center      404 235-1257
     1644 Tullie Circle
     Atlanta, GA  30329-2303
Toll Free Bulletin Board       800 US1-VETS (871-8387)
       (VA ONLINE)  
Veterans Assistance Commission
     of DuPage County          630 407-5655  FAX: 630 407-5656
     421 N. County Farm Rd
     Wheaton, IL  60187        www.dupageco.org/vac

IL Department of Veterans' Affairs (Free IL Hunting/Fishing Licenses for min-10%Disabled Vets)
     IDVA, 421 County Farm Rd, Rm 1-800
     Wheaton, IL  60187
     630 690-9449   FAX:  630 690-0917
     Marcus Woodward, Veterans Service Officer (call for appointment)       
VFW IL District 19              www.vfwwebcom.org/il/dist19

State & Local Vet Resources   http://www.voice4vets.org/feds%20state%20grid.html
Veterans "ID and Discount Card":     www.honorrewards.com


World Wide Web Links

VFW Find a Post       (post locator for local questions/help)
American Legion Find a Post       (post locator for local questions/help)

American Legion                  www.legion.org
VFW Website                      www.vfw.org      
VFW Email                           vfw@vfwdc.org
VFW Links                           www.vfw.org/index.cfm?fa=misc.related&tok=1

VA Home Page                     www.va.gov
Veterans Affairs Search Engine  www.va.gov  or  www.index.va.gov/search/va/index.jsp
VA Consumer Affairs           www.va.gov/customer/conaff.asp
VA Public Affairs Events     www.va.gov/opa
VA Veterans Information Portal   https://vip.vba.va.gov/portal/VBAH/Home

VA Benefits & Health Care Information

Federal Benefits for Veterans & Dependents  www1.va.gov/OPA/vadocs/current_benefits.asp
Veterans Information Portal                    https://vip.vba.va.gov/portal/VBAH/Home
VA Compensation & Pension Benefits   www.vba.va.gov/bln/21
VA Benefits On-line Application             www.vabenefits.vba.va.gov/vonapp
Health Benefits & Services                     www.va.gov/vbs/health
Health Benefits Eligibility/Enrollment    www.va.gov/health/eilg
Burial & Memorial Benefits                     www.cem.va.gov  & www.cem.va.gov/pmc.htm
Military Funeral Honors                           www.militaryfuneralhonors.osd.mil and http://www.military.com/benefits/burial-and-memorial/military-funeral-honors.html
                                                                       and check with your local funeral director for honor guard internment services provided by the Reserves.
                                        Army              800-350-7746
                                        Navy             504 678-1275
                                  Air Force            618 256-4586
                                    Marines            816 843-3884
                             Coast Guard            216 902-617
Bugles Across America                          www.buglesacrossamerica.org
Army Bands                                              www.bands.army.mil
Education Benefits & Services             www.gibill.va.gov
VA Home Loan Guarantees                     www.homeloans.va.gov
VA Home Loan                                        www.benefits.va.gov/HOMELOANS/contact.asp
Veterans’ Claim Appeals                        www.bva.va.gov  

VFW-accredited Service Officers         www.vfwilserviceoffice.com/upload/VFW%20DSO%20Roster%2011-14-12.pdf
VFW IL Service Officer/Director
Derek Giffin      312-980-4284   www.vfwil.org/PostServices.asp     Derek.Giffin@va.gov
2122 W Taylor St, RM 105 Chicago, IL 60612 (near Damon Ave)
                                                       David Crisp   618 997-5311 x 58230,  Josh.Crisp@va.gov
                                                                  Marion VAMC, Rm 102, 2410 W. Main, Marion, IL  62959

VA Directory for Illinois:            www2.va.gov/directory/guide/state.asp?STATE=IL&dnum=ALL
Hines VA Hospital:                      www.hines.va.gov
Suicide Prevention:                   1-800-273-TALK (8255) and then push 1
                                                            also http://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/Veterans/Default.aspx.
Veterans Crisis Line:                   www.VeteransCrisisLine.net
Fitness/Adventure for Wounded:  www.mylq.org
American Women Veterans:          www.americanwomenveterans.org
Tax Return Filing and Payment Extensions for the Military:   https://turbotax.intuit.com/tax-tools/tax-tips/General-Tax-Tips/Tax-Return-Filing-and-Payment-Extensions-for-the-Military/INF23269.html
The A - Z Guide:  Veterans VA Disability Benefits:   http://www.jimstrickland912.com
VA Caregiver Support:                   www.caregiver.va.gov



VA Forms                                               www.va.gov/forms
Additional Govt Forms                         www.vba.va.gov/pubs/otherforms.htm

Employment Assistan
Information for Veterans                       www.opm.gov/veterans/index.htm
Veterans’ Hiring Preference                 www.opm.gov/veterans/html/vetguide.htm
Federal Govt Job Openings                 www.usajobs.gov
Construction Jobs                                 www.helmetstohardhats.org
Vet Jobs                                                  www.vetjobs.com
Jobs (full & part-time)                            www.hirepatriots.com
Jobs by Military Networking                 www.hireahero.org
Career Transition Decision Toolkit          www.turbotap.org/register.tpp
Feds Hire Vets                                       www.fedshirevets.gov
Vet Jobs                                                 www.beahero-hireahero.com
Vet & Military Jobs                                
Free Resume Proofreading for Vets         www.proofreadingservices.com/pages/veterans
Vet Jobs                                                 www.100000jobsmission.com  
Vet Jobs                                                http://neuvoo.com/jobs/?k=veteran&l=&f=&o=&p=&r=15


Business Assistance
Small Business Administration            www.sba.gov/vets
VA Off of Small & Disadvantaged Bus Utilization www.va.gov/olsdbu

Veterans Information                                 www.bahrnoproducts.com/veteransinfo.htm
Other Useful Sites
Historical military personnel records   www.fold3.com   (part of Ancestry.com. Register for free membership or access free at many local libraries)
Military Salute:  Lots of Useful I
nfo!      http://militarysalute.proboards.com
State (Dept) of Illinois VFW                  www.vfwil.org
Washington DC VFW                             www.vfwdc.org
VFW Documents/Resources                www.vfwdepartmentresources.org
VFW Memorial Wall                               http://donate.vfw.org/site/PageServer?pagename=2007_Memorial_Wall
America Supports You                          www.americasupportsyou.mil
Flag Information                                    and http://www.bahrnoproducts.com/flag.htm
Frequently Asked Questions                   www.army.mil/cmh-pg/faq/faq.htm
Burial in Arlington National Cemetery    www.mdw.army.mil/fs-a02a.htm
Department of Defense                           www.defenselink.mil
VA Benefits                                            www.vets.gov
Request Military Personnel Records     www.archives.gov/veterans
DD214 Records Request                       http://www.archives.gov/veterans/military-service-records/
DD214 & Funeral                                  www.dd214.us/funeral.html
Military Records                                  www.ancestry.com  http://www.amazon.com/Platoon-Leader-Memoir-Command-Combat/dp/0891418008/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1315571847&sr=1-1
Veterans Radio Hour                               www.veteransradiohour.com
Veterans Information Portal                    https://vip.vba.va.gov/portal/VBAH/Home
 2 radio stations near Bloomingdale, IL 60108  broadcast on Sundays from 9pm-10pm
         WBIG AM  Aurora  1280 
         WRMN AM  Elgin  1410
Armed Forces Network                             www.armedforces.net
Veterans' Association                               www.veteransadvantage.com
Pritzker Military Library                            www.pritzkermilitarylibrary.org
Army Wives Resources, Wounded Warriors  www.armywell-being.org
Post HS Scholarships for Spouses/Dependents: 
Veterans Information for Over 50              www.50somethinginfo.com/SearchResult.aspx?search=veterans
VFW Magazine's Digital Version              www.vfwmagazine.org
Veterans Information                                 www.bahrnoproducts.com.org/veteransinfo.htm
Resource Search Engine                         www.warriorgateway.org
Women Vet Support Group                      www.www.joinsheserves.org
Pets to Vets                                             http://p2v.org
Give Shelter to Vets                                 www.homesforourtroops.org
Offer a Vet a Ride                                    www.dav.org/volunteers
Care for a Vet's Pet                                 www.guardianangelsforsoldierspet.org
Donate DVDs                                          www.dvds4vets.org
Donate Coupons                                     www.coupsfortroops.com
Holiday Drive                                           www.operationgratitude.com/volunteer/
Post a Care Package                              www.soldierpackages.org
Share Your Expertise                              www.milserve.org
Military Big Brothers Big Sisters              www.bbbs.org

Free Banners For Returning Troops       www.buildasign.com/Troops
Adopt A Platoon                                       www.adoptaplatoon.org
Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Assn               www.vhpa.org
Vietnam Casualty Source                       
Paralyzed Veterans of America              www.pva.org
Veterans Aid & Attendance Pension Info  www.veteranaid.org
Heroes On the Water                              http://heroesonthewater.org/home
Tunnels to Towers                                  www.tunneltotowers.org
Molly's Adopt A Sailor                              http://mollysadoptasailor.com
Illinois Warrior to Warrior                        www.ILWarriorToWarrior.org
Veterans Resources                               www.veteransresources.org
Take a Vet Fishing                                  www.takeavetfishing.com
Quilts of Valor Foundation                      
National Resource Directory                    www.nrd.gov
Military One Source Wounded Warrior     www.militaryonesource.mil/wounded-warrior

Army Sports                                                  www.armysports.com
TV Programs                                                 http://military.discovery.com
Dog Tag Return                                            www.roskamdogtag.com
La Version en Espanol de Este Folleto     www.va.gov/opa/feature/index.htm
Veterans Airlift Command                          www.veteransairlift.org/page/home.jsp
                               We provide air transportation for medical and other compassionate
                               purposes to wounded warriors, veterans, and their families through a
                               national network of volunteer aircraft owners and pilots.   Our priority
                               is on the veterans of Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom
                               (Afghanistan). As capacity allows, our mission will expand to serve
                               veterans of other conflicts.
Veterans Info (PTSD focus)                       www.veteransinfo.org
PTSD -  Where to Find Help                     www.ptsd.va.gov/m/public/where_to_get_help.asp
PTSD Symptoms                                      www.mayoclinic.com/health/post-traumatic-stress-disorder/DS00246/DSECTION=symptoms

PTSD Awareness                                     www.ptsd.va.gov/about/PTSD-awareness/
Help for Soldiers in Need                          www.soldiersangels.org
Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust   http://www.dav.org

Fisher House Foundation                          www.fisherhouse.org
Send Holiday Cards to Troops                  www.letssaythanks.com/Home1280.html and
Support Our Troops                                  www.military.com/benefits/resources/support-our-troops
Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America   www.iava.org
Free recon plastic surgery for Iraq/Afgh Vets   www.iraqstar.org
Veterans Writing Project (PTSD)                http://veteranswriting.org/
Special Operations Warrior Foundation       www.specialops.org
Walter Reed Amputee Ward related items:  "Run, Don't Walk" "Between War and Here" "Above and Beyond"  


Midwest Shelter for Homeless Veterans www.helpaveteran.org
       119 N West St, Wheaton, IL 60187
       tel:  630 871-8387
       Their links to other vet resources:          www.helpaveteran.org/resources.htm

Chicago Homeless Sandwich Run:           http://chicagosandwichrun.org    Run by veterans.
   Click on 2nd video for Sandwich Run:            http://news.medill.northwestern.edu/chicago/news.aspx?id=72083 & www.vietnow.com (Veterans helping veterans).
CHARACTER COUNTS! in Bloomingdale  www.character60108.org
"The American Veteran"                            
                              Videos:  "The American Veteran" tells the stories of service and sacrifice made
                              by America's men and women in uniform and discusses some of the benefits
                               they have earned. 
VFW Post 6156 (Greensburg, KS) website with link to "The American Veteran"  www.vfwwebcom.org/ks/post6156
A Force for Good                                         www.defenselink.mil/forceforgood/index.html
Heroes in the War on Terror                     www.defenselink.mil/heroes/index.html
A Millions Thanks                                        www.amillionthanks.org/MUST_SEE_WEBSITES.asp
Multi-national Force Iraq                            www.mnf-iraq.com
USO (United Service Organizations)       www.uso.org
USO of Illinois                                             www.uso.org/illinois
Thank an Army Soldier or Army Vet:          www.freedomteamsalute.com
How to Spit Shine Shoes:                           www.bahrnoproducts.com/spitshineshoes.htm  
Armed Forces Benefits:                              www.armedforcesbenefits.org   
Elite Service Disabled Veteran-Owned
     Business Network                                 www.elitesdvob.org
Veterans' Voice                                           www.theveteransvoice.com
DuPage Veterans Memorial                     
Batavia Cares                                              www.bataviacares.org
Citizen S.A.M.                                              www.citizensam.org
Heroes of Freedom Memorial                   www.heroesoffreedommemorial.org

Heart of a Marine Foundation                   www.heartofamarine.org
Operation Support Our Troops Illinois   www.osotil.org
Our Troops On-line                                   www.ourtroopsonline.com

Wounded Heroes Fund                             www.woundedheroesfund.net
In Memoriam                                                www.inmemoriam.us
Beyond Orders                                            www.beyondorders.org
Iraq and Afghanistan Vets                          www.communityofveterans.org
Military Times Hall of Valor                        http://militarytimes.com/citations-medals-awards/

Ranger Memorial                                         www.rangermemorial.org 
Center for Oral History (input welcome)  www.westpointcoh.org
Veterans History Project (input welcome)   www.loc.gov/vets
Glen Ellyn Vet Hist Proj (input welcome)    www.gepl.org/veteranshistoryproject   (Glen Ellyn Pub Lib: 630-469-0879)
Witness To War (input welcome)              www.WitnessToWar.org
Free Blue Star Flag                                   
Veterans Grave Markers                          
Free VFW Personal Accident Insurance  www.vfwinsurance.com/PAPP.htm
Honor Flight Chicago (free trip to WWII Memorial)   www.honorflightchicago.org
Day of Honor, Honor Flight Chicago Comcast trip video  www.cn100.tv/day_of_honor.aspx
Warriors' Watch Welcome Home Missions   www.warriorswatch.org
Patriot Guard Riders                                  www.patriotguardriders.com
PTSD Sourebook           www.amazon.com/Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder-Sourcebook-Schiraldi/dp/0737302658

National Center for PTSD        www.ncptsd.va.gov
VA Mental Health                       www.mentalhealth.va.gov
Mental Health Screening         www.mentalhealthscreening.org/military
Involuntary Recall                     http://vimeo.com/5296626
Veterans Center                       www.vetcenter.va.gov
The Brain Line                          www.brainline.org
Defense Center of Excellence        www.dcoe.health.mil
Military One Source                 www.militaryonesource.com
Military Health System             www.health.mil
National Resource Directory           www.nationalresourcedirectory.org
American War Library              www.amervets.com
After Deployment                     www.afterdeployment.org
Real Warriors                           www.realwarriors.net
Give An Hour                           www.giveanhour.org
Marine Corps Mobilization Command        https://mobcom.mfr.usmc.mil/FamilyReadiness
Morning Reports and Unit Rosters     www.archives.gov/st-louis/military-personnel/morning-reports-and-unit-rosters.html
Veterans and National Parks              
Bed and Breakfast for Vets        www.bnbsforvets.org
Veterans Curation Project       www.mvs.usace.army.mil/engr/curation/ARRA%20VCP/VCP%20Mission.html
Veterans Career Guide             www.jobhero.com/veteran-career-guide/
Give an Hour (Mental Health)       www.giveanhour.org/skins/gah/home.aspx
VA Crisis Hotline (Suicide Prevention)     www.mentalhealth.va.gov/suicide_prevention/index.asp#hotlinevideo
Talk, Listen, Connect: Deploy Initiative   www.sesameworkshop.org/initiatives/emotion/tlc
Snowball Express (Support Families of the Fallen)     www.snowballexpress.org/
American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial    www.avdlm.org/site/c.gnKFIJNqEqG/b.5287617/k.BEA8/Home.htm
Paralyzed Veterans of America   www.supportveterans.org
Warrior's Watch Riders         www.warriorswatch.org
Wounded Heroes Fund         www.woundedheroesfund.net
Music Therapy for Wounded Warriors   www.musicorps.net
War Nurses (Click on Florence Nightingale):  www.accreditednursingcolleges.org and http://onlinebsn.org/2009/25-most-famous-nurses-in-history/
Homes for Our Troops (mortage-free homes for severely injured post 9-11 vets): www.hfotusa.org/


Heraldry (Medals, Badges, Ranks, etc)    www.tioh.hqda.pentagon.mil      
Military Equipment, Flags, Patches, and Paraphernalia
www.wwmeinc.com   WorldWide Militaria LLC, 2000 Bloomingdale Rd, Ste 200, Glendale Heights, IL 60139  630 671-8340

www.flagdom.com & www.flagdom.com/resources-4
www.bahrnoproducts.com/flag.htm (Facts about flying the flag)    
www.theveteranssite.com (Click helps give free meals to homeless an hungry veterans)
"Stolen Valor" Issue?  Check Military Times "Hall of Valor"  http://projects.militarytimes.com/citations-medals-awards/
Medal of Honor Recipients:  www.cmohs.org/recipient-archive.php


DoD Webmaster's site commemorating the anniversary of the bombing and destruction of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, April 19, 1995:   www.nuwc.navy.mil/hq/webmaster/okmem.html


Jack Walters:   www.jackwalters.com/
American Women in Uniform:    http://userpages.aug.com/captbarb/
Dog Tags Online:   www.dogtagsonline.com
Military Family Members Information:    http://cinchouse.com 
Jennifer Martinez Online - Working For Truth & Freedom in the POW/MIA Issue: www.jenmartinez.com/
NOMADS-Military Veterans Motorcycle Club -Western United States:   www.valleytraffic.com/MVMC-CA-NOMADS/               


Bloomingdale Resources
Local Seamstress for Patch Sewing (Roselle)        "Helen's [Elenica's] Alterations & Cleaners" 630 351-2168
Kale's Uniforms (Wheaton)                                        (630) 665-9926
Cook's Sports (Roselle:  shirts, embroidery)          (630) 980-3070

Battle Animation
Empire: Total War - British Grenadiers Tribute    www.youtube.com/watch?v=NB9nAxeOjjs
Empire Total War British Grenadiers        www.youtube.com/watch?v=u88WUFM8yU4&NR=1
Empire Total War_American War of Independence  www.youtube.com/watch?v=SccWhoXhzBI&feature=related

2nd Virginia Regiment, NWTA           www.2va.org
Revolutionary War Reenactment
:       www.bahrnoproducts.com/Revolutionary_War_Reenactment.htm


In Honor of Our Nation's First Soldiers, Armed Citizens     In Honor of Our Nation's First Soldiers, Armed Citizens     In Honor of Our Nation's First Soldiers, Armed Citizens    

  Lexington    Concord 
Lexington-Concord: "The Shot Heard 'Round The World"
Minutemen, militia, and other free men defended Liberty and the Right to Arms (self-defense; later Second Amendment), as the British (the government) sought to destroy their weapon stores in order to control guns. 
Lexington:  "700 regulars vs 77 militiamen."
April 19, 1775 (Patriots' Day)
The night before, did Paul Revere shout, "The British are coming!  The British are Coming!"? 
No, he quietly warned, "The regulars [our government's soldiers, on the orders of a tyrant] are coming out!"
Background:   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Revere

The spirit:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiIFRCk1hxY   The history:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Saf2BBdJ4Yc  and  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91kOYlkLyK4

"A free people ought not only to be armed, but disciplined; to which end a uniform and well-digested plan is requisite; and their safety and interest require that they should promote such manufactories as tend to render them independent of others for essential, particularly military, supplies." --  George Washington, 1st Annual Message to Congress on the State of the Union

"Stay free, if you can!"

"George Washington's Liberty Key:  Mount Vernon's Bastille Key  ̶  the Mystery and Magic of Its Body, Mind, and Soul"

"Character, Culture, Constitution"


Click here to view a set of "Take Notice" Manual of Arms products.

"No taxation without representation!" 
Attributed to James Otis

"The power to tax is the power to destroy" 
The power to tax is the power to destroy. ATTRIBUTION from Bartleby:  "This quotation comes from the words of DANIEL WEBSTER and those of JOHN MARSHALL in the Supreme Court case, McCulloch v. Maryland. Webster, in arguing the case, said: 'An unlimited power to tax involves, necessarily, a power to destroy,' 17 U.S. 327 (1819)."
The colonies were defending their rights as Englishmen to set their own taxes; the king was to be limited by Parliament's holding the power of the purse. 


Veterans Organizations
The Veterans Administration - www.va.gov
Armed Forces Retirement Home - www.defenselink.mil/specials/heroes/
Veterans of Foreign Wars - www.vfw.org
Darrel Wakley's Veterans Links - www.ida.net/users/lamar/VetOrgLinks.html 
Veterans On The Internet Mugshots -  www.vetmugshots.org
Vote Vets                        -  www.votevets.org


Library of Congress POW/MIA Database -  http://lcweb2.loc.gov/pow/powhome.html
POW/MIA Freedom Fighters -  www.powmiaff.org
Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency - www.dpaa.mil 


Vietnam War Veteran Specific 
Vietnam Resources:  www.cc.gatech.edu/~tpilsch/Vietnam.html
The Healing Wall - www.thehealingwall.com/
B Co, 1st Tank BN - www.usmctanker.com/
Peter Griffin -   www.angelfire.com/nc2/vietnamvet/index.html
11th Armored Cavalry's Veterans of Vietnam and Cambodia -  www.11thcavnam.com/
Marine Corps Vietnam Documents - www.thevietnamfiles.com
View the Wall (Vietnam Veterans Memorial) -  www.viewthewall.com

Virtual Wall (Vietnam Veterans Memorial) - www.virtualwall.org
Vietnam Maps - 
Vietnam Era Music -
Vietnam War Resources: 
Charlie Rangers:  "Of Their Own Accord - http://oftheirownaccord.com
Vietnam War Stories, Poetry, Etc    http://25thaviation.org/id22.htm
Vietnam War Resources  www.cc.gatech.edu/fac/Thomas.Pilsch/Vietnam.html
Agent Orange:  Navy & Coast Guard ships in Vietnam  http://www.publichealth.va.gov/exposures/agentorange/shiplist/index.asp
Above and Beyond Vietnam Memorial    www.nvam.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=218&Itemid=54


Korean War Veteran Specific
Korean War Veterans Assn. Inc. - www.kwva.org 
The Korean War Project - www.kwp.org/
US Military's Korean War Site - http://korea50.army.mil/


WWII Veteran Specific
WWII US Veteran's Website -  http://ww2.vet.org/
Traveling WWII Memorial Presentation - www.pillarsofhonor.org



Department of Defense Links
Commander in Chief -
The President of the United States - The Whitehouse -  www.whitehouse.gov
Department of Defense Link -  www.defenselink.mil/


Links to Weapon Manufacturers - www.weapons.com
The Veteran Voice -  www.veteranvoice.com
Army Field Manual 7-21-13 - www.globalsecurity.org/military/library/policy/army/fm/7-21-13/chap1.htm#sec1
Contacting Congress - http://www.contactingthecongress.org/
      Veterans Information                                 bahrnoproducts.com/veteransinfo.htm
Contact Congress - http://bebusinessed.com/congress-fax-numbers


Military Academy and Other Military Links:

          www.westpoint.edu, www. usma.edu, www.west-point.org, www.westpointaog.org, www.aogusma.org, www.aafes.com, www.cadetstuff.org, www.usmilitaryabout.com, www.goarmysports.com, www.academyphoto.com, www.usaa.com, www.penfed.org.

As well as the Parent Club of Illinois' website, www.west-point.org/parent/wppc-illinois/joomla , and the many links it offers (eg, www.usma.edu, aka www.usma.army.mil), you are encouraged to visit www.west-point.org, the entry- way to a number of helpful services, to include Plebe-Net (join at www.west-point.org/parent/plebe-net) and Parent Forum (www.west-point.org/parent/parent-forum), and a sponsored site put together by cadets themselves:  www.westpointcadets.org.  For a link to USMA's "Undergraduate Journal of Social Sciences," click here www.soshjournal.org.  For quick questions and answers, check out www.west-point.org/parent/wpp-net/faq and www.west-point.org/parent/plebe-net/links.htm www.west-point.org/academy/malo-wa/inspirations/buglenotes.html and www.combat.ws/S4/MILTERMS/WP0SLANG.HTM have very nice collections of plebe knowledge. 

For www.usma.edu, the "Search/Reference" section is a very useful tool.  Go there and you will also find the Academy's master calendar (www.dean.usma.edu/sebpublic/mastercalendar) to discover march days and other events.  Under another section, "Agencies," click on "USCC Commandant's Corner" for contacts at the Directorate of Cadet Activities.  Please realize that many USCC (things pertaining to the Corps, and specifically training of the Corps) are not listed on the calendar.  Also, the reference to WPS is “West Point School,” the elementary school on post – NOT the Academy.  The following allows access to the Cadet Library:  http://www.library.usma.edu/index.cfm?TabID=6&LinkCategoryID=49   Also check out http://www.militarynewcomers.com/WESTPOINT/resources/yp_01.html for their Yellow Pages.  For a link to valuable Parent Club information, you can also check out www.usma.edu/publicaffairs/club.htm.  A digital collection from the Academy's Library is located at:  http://digital-library.usma.edu/collections/.  The local Association of Graduates (AOG) society can be found at www.aogusma.org/soc/chicago Parent resources, as recommended by the AOG, can be found at www.aogusma.org/wpf/parents-fund/resource.htm.  Also at:  http://www.west-point.org/parent/plebe-net/links.htm  Alumni support information can be found at www.westpointaog.org/NetCommunity/Page.aspx?pid=2705 .  Vietnam Wall roster of Academy graduates:  www.academybiznet.org/VietnamMemorial.html USMA class mottos & graduation history USMA Company names and mascots

Click here for Academy's founding document.  Please use the following site to obtain multiple reproductions of this document (especially for Founders Day place mats):  www.westpointgiftstore.com  Why was gray chosen for the cadet uniforms?  www.bahrnoproducts.com/PDF/GrayUniform1a.pdf , www.bahrnoproducts.com/PDF/GrayUniform2a.pdf , www.bahrnoproducts.com/PDF/GrayUniform3a.pdf , and www.bahrnoproducts.com/PDF/CadetGrayfor3Sep2009.pdf .  Academy fight songs:  www.bahrnoproducts.com/Bean%20Navy.htm

Academy Library:  http://www.usma.edu/library/SitePages/Home.aspx   Digital Collections:  http://digital-library.usma.edu/cdm/ 

Pritzker Military Library:  http://www.pritzkermilitarylibrary.org/home/default.aspx

West Point Engineer   West Point lore

Youtube:  Thumper   West Point on the March

The following sites relate to Academy sports:  www.goarmysports.com, www.armysports.com, and www.armyrfc.com (rugby).

The following sites include Academy-related gift items: 
www.westpointgiftstore.com, www.shopthepoint.com, www.goarmysports.com, www.thecorpshas.com, www.loveacadet.com,
www.dusagiftshop.org, www.usma.edu/uscc/dca/stores/stores.htm, www.vasily.com, and www.skyviewpictures.com/skyviewstore/products.php?catid=9&category=West%20Point .  When buying books and other items through Amazon.com, shop here and give one of the Academy's support organizations a credit at no cost to you:  http://gradstore.west-point.org/    However, once you start jumping around the gradstore site, the commission structure breaks. 
Aerial photos of West Point 
Flowers at West Point

The following site pays tribute to West Point's Hard and Harder Right:  http://www.west-point.org/users/usma1969/28260/

     For art, check this out.    Music with Internet Explorer.    

The following sites link to numerous other sites providing military information:  www.aogusma.org, www.moaa.org, www.military.com, www.army.mil, and www.army.mil/soldiers, and www.vfw.org.  Military items can be found at www.supertrooper.com, www.uscavstore.com, and www.aafes.com The Military Channel videos can be found at http://military.discover.com. Link to B2B service academy graduate networking service:  www.isabrd.com www.combat.ws/S4/MILTERMS/INDEX.HTM has a very nice glossary of military terms.  Casual web-searches on appropriate keywords will lead you to still more official and interesting sites, eg the one video (click here) where Clint Eastwood branches Signal Corps!!   : )    Catch all the episodes:  "West Point:  The Television Series Here's an overview of the first season
When ordering, don't forget, first click 
  to support west-point.org, then search using keywords "West Point Television Series"



More Veterans Information Links for Veterans
(Thanks to an anonymous source.)

Below are web-sites that provide information on Veterans benefits and how to file/ask for them. Accordingly, there are many sites that explain how to obtain books, military/medical records, information and how to appeal a denied claim with the VA. Please pass this information on to every Veteran you know. Nearly 100% of this information is free and available for all veterans, the only catch is: you have to ask for it, because they won't tell you about a specific benefit unless you ask for it. You need to know what questions to ask so the right doors open for you - and then be ready to have an advocate who is willing to work with and for you, stay in the process, and press for your rights and your best interests.


Appeals:  http://www.warms.vba.va.gov/admin21/m21_1/mr/part1/ch05.doc
Board of Veteran's Appeals:  http://www.va.gov/vbs/bva/
CARES Commission:  http://www.va.gov/vbs/bva/
CARES Draft National Plan:  Center for Minority Veterans:  http://www1.va.gov/centerforminorityveterans/
Center for Veterans Enterprise:  http://www.vetbiz.gov/default2.htm
Center for Women Veterans:  http://www1.va.gov/womenvet/
Clarification on the changes in VA healthcare for Gulf War Veterans:  http://www.gulfwarvets.com/ubb/Forum1/HTML/000016.html
Classified Records - American Gulf War Veterans Assoc.:  http://www.gulfwarvets.com/ubb/Forum18/HTML/000011.html
Compensation for Disabilities Associated with the Gulf War Service:  http://www.warms.vba.va.gov/admin21/m21_1/part6
Compensation Rate Tables, 12-1-03:  http://www.vba.va.gov/bln/21/Rates/comp01.htm
Department of Veterans Affairs Home Page:  http://www.va.gov/
Directory of Veterans Service Organizations:  http://www1.va.gov/vso/index.cfm?template=view
Disability Examination Worksheets Index, Comp:  http://www.vba.va.gov/bln/21/Benefits/exams/index.htm
Due Process:  http://www.warms.vba.va.gov/admin21/m21_1/mr/part1/ch02.doc
Duty to Assist:  http://www.warms.vba.va.gov/admin21/m21_1/mr/part1/ch01.doc
Electronic Code of Federal Regulations:  http://www.gpoaccess.gov/ecfr/
Emergency, Non-emergency, and Fee Basis Care:  http://www1.va.gov/opa/vadocs/fedben.pdf
Environmental Agents:  http://www1.va.gov/environagents/
Environmental Agents M10:  http://www1.va.gov/vhapublications/ViewPublication.asp?pub_ID=1002
Establishing Combat Veteran Eligibility:  http://www1.va.gov/vhapublications/ViewPublication.asp?pub_ID=315
EVALUATION PROTOCOL FOR GULF WAR AND IRAQI FREEDOM VETERANS WITH POTENTIAL EXPOSURE TO DEPLETED URANIUM (DU):  http://www1.va.gov/gulfwar/docs/DUHandbook1303122304.DOC and http://www1.va.gov/vhapublications/ViewPublication.asp?pub_ID=1158          
     Veterans Information                                 www.bahrnoproducts.com.org/veteransinfo.htm
See also, Depleted Uranium Fact Sheet:  http://www1.va.gov/gulfwar/docs/DepletedUraniumFAQSheet.doc
Fee Basis, PRIORITY FOR OUTPATIENT MEDICAL SERVICES AND INPATIENT HOSPITAL CARE:  http://www1.va.gov/vhapublications/ViewPublication.asp?pub_ID=206
Federal Benefits for Veterans and Dependants 2005:  http://www1.va.gov/opa/vadocs/fedben.pdf OR, http://www1.va.gov/opa/vadocs/current_benefits.htm
Forms and Records Request:  http://www.va.gov/vaforms/ 

General Compensation Provisions:  http://www.access.gpo.gov/uscode/title38 /partii_chapter11_subchaptervi_.html
Geriatrics and Extended Care:  http://www1.va.gov/geriatricsshg/
Guide to Gulf War Veteran's Health:  http://www1.va.gov/gulfwar/docs/VHIgulfwar.pdf
Gulf War Subject Index:  http://www1.va.gov/GulfWar/page.cfm?pg=7 and http://www1.va.gov/GulfWar/page.cfm?pg=7&template=main&letter=A&template=main&letter=A
Gulf War Veteran's Illnesses Q&As:  http://www1.va.gov/gulfwar/docs /GWIllnessesQandAsIB1041.pdf
Hearings:  http://www.warms.vba.va.gov/admi - http://www.warms.vba.va.gov/admin21/m21_1/mr/part1/ch04.docn21/m21_1/mr/part1/ch04.doc
Homeless Veterans:  http://www1.va.gov/homeless/
HSR&D Home:  http://www.hsrd.research.va.gov/
Index to Disability Examination Worksheets C&P exams:  http://www.vba.va.gov/bln/21/benefits/exams/index.htm
Ionizing Radiation:  http://www1.va.gov/irad/
Iraqi Freedom/Enduring Freedom Veterans VBA:  http://www.vba.va.gov/EFIF/
M10 for spouses and children:  http://www1.va.gov/vhapublications/ViewPublication.asp?pub_ID=1007 - http://www1.va.gov/vhapublications/ViewPublication.asp?pub_ID=1007
M10 Part III Change 1:  http://www1.va.gov/vhapublications/ViewPublication.asp?pub_ID=1008
M21-1 Table of Contents:  http://www.warms.vba.va.gov/M21_1.html
Mental Disorders, Schedule of Ratings:  http://www.warms.vba.va.gov/regs/38CFR/BOOKC/PART4/S4_130.DOC
Mental Health Program Guidelines:  http://www1.va.gov/vhapublications/ViewPublication.asp?pub_ID=1094
Mental Illness Research , Education and Clinical Centers:  http://www.mirecc.med.va.gov/
MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Centers of Excellence:  http://www.va.gov/ms/about.asp
My HealtheVet - VA Personal Health Record:  http://www.myhealth.va.gov/

National Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention:  http://www.nchpdp.med.va.gov/postdeploymentlinks.asp
Neurological Conditions and Convulsive Disorders, Schedule of Ratings:  http://www.warms.vba.va.gov/regs/38cfr/bookc/part4/s4%5F124a.doc - http://www.warms.vba.va.gov/regs/38cfr/boo kc/part4/s4_124a.doc
OMI (Office of Medical Inspector):  http://www.omi.cio.med.va.gov/
Online VA Form 10-10EZ:  https://www.1010ez.med.va.gov/sec/vha/1010ez/
Parkinson's Disease and Related Neurodegenerative Disorders:  http://www1.va.gov/resdev/funding/solicitations/docs/parkinsons.pdf and, http://www1.va.gov/padrecc/
Peacetime Disability Compensation:  http://frwebgate.access.gpo.gov/cgi-bin/getdoc.cgi?dbname=browse_usc - http://frwebgate.access.gpo.gov/cgi-bin/getdoc.cgi?dbname=browse_usc&docid=Cite:+ 38USC1131&docid=Cite:+38USC1131
Pension for Non-Service-Connected Disability or Death:  http://www.access.gpo.gov/uscode/title38/partii_chapter15_subchapteri_.html and, http://www.access.gpo.gov/uscode/title38/partii_chapter15_subchapterii_.html and, http://www.access.gpo.gov/uscode/title38/partii_chapter15_subchapteriii_.html 

Persian Gulf Registry:  http://www1.va.gov/vhapublications/ViewPublication.asp?pub_ID=1003
This program is now referred to as Gulf War Registry Program (to include Operation Iraqi Freedom) as of March 7, 2005:  http://www1.va.gov/vhapublications/ViewPublication.asp?pub_ID=1232
Persian Gulf Registry Referral Centers:  http://www1.va.gov/vhapublications/ViewPublication.asp?pub_ID=1006
Persian Gulf Veterans' Illnesses Research 1999, Annual Report To Congress
Persian Gulf Veterans' Illnesses Research 2002, Annual Report To Congress:  http://www1.va.gov/resdev/prt/gulf_war_2002/GulfWarRpt02.pdf
Phase I PGR:  http://www1.va.gov/vhapublications/ViewPublication.asp?pub_ID=1004
Phase II PGR:  http://www1.va.gov/vhapublications/ViewPublication.asp?pub_ID=1005
Policy Manual Index:  http://www.va.gov/publ/direc/eds/edsmps.htm
Power of Attorney:  http://www.warms.vba.va.gov/admin21/m21_1/mr/part1/ch03.doc
Project 112 (Including Project SHAD):  http://www1.va.gov/shad/

Prosthetics Eligibility:  http://www1.va.gov/vhapublications/ViewPublication.asp?pub_ID=337
Public Health and Environmental Hazards Home Page:  http://www.vethealth.cio.med.va.gov/
Public Health/SARS:  http://www.publichealth.va.gov/SARS/
Publications Manuals:  http://www1.va.gov/vhapublications/publications.cfm?Pub=4
Publications and Reports:  http://www1.va.gov/resdev/prt/pubs_individual.cfm?webpage=gulf_war.htm
Records Center and Vault Homepage:  http://www.aac.va.gov/vault/default.html
Records Center and Vault Site Map:  http://www.aac.va.gov/vault/sitemap.html
REQUEST FOR AND CONSENT TO RELEASE OF INFORMATION FROM CLAIMANT'S RECORDS:  http://www.forms.va.gov/va/Internet/VARF/getformharness.asp?formName=3288-form.xft
Research Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans Illnesses April 11, 2002:  http://www1.va.gov/rac-gwvi/docs/Minutes_April112002.doc
Research Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans Illnesses:  http://www1.va.gov/rac-gwvi/docs/ReportandRecommendations_2004.pdf
Research and Development:  http://www.appc1.va.gov/resdev/programs/all_programs.cfm
Survivor's and Dependents' Educational Assistance:  http://www.access.gpo.gov/uscode/title38/partiii_chapter35_.html

Title 38
Parts 0-17

Part 18

Title 38
Part 3 Adjudication
Subpart A, Pension, Compensation, and Dependency and Indemnity Compensation: 


Title 38
Pensions, Bonuses & Veterans Relief
(also 3.317 Compensation for certain disabilities due to undiagnosed illnesses found here): 


Title 38
http://ecfr.gpoaccess.gov/cgi/t/text/text-idx?c=ecfr&sid=ab7641afd195c84a49a2067dbbcf95c0&rgn=div6&view=text&node=38: mp;rgn=div6&view=text&node=38:


Title 38
4.16 Total disability ratings for compensation based on unemployability of the individual.
Subpart A, General Policy in Rating


U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims:  http://www.vetapp.gov/
VA Best Practice Manual for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD):  http://www.avapl.org/pub/PTSD%20Manual%20final%206.pdf
VA Fact Sheet:  http://www1.va.gov/opa/fact/gwfs.html
VA Health Care Eligibility:  http://www.va.gov/healtheligibility/home/hecmain.asp
VA INSTITUTING GLOBAL ASSESSMENT OF FUNCTION (GAF):  http://www.avapl.org/gaf/gaf.html
VA Life Insurance Handbook, Chapter 3:  http://www.insurance.va.gov/inForceGl iSite/GLIhandbook/glibookletch3.htm#310
VA MS Research:  http://www.va.gov/ms/about.asp
VA National Hepatitis C Program:  http://www.hepatitis.va.gov/
VA Office of Research and Development:  http://www1.va.gov/resdev/
VA Trainee Pocket Card on Gulf War:  http://www.va.gov/OAA/pocketcard/gulfwar.asp
VA WMD EMSHG:  http://www1.va.gov/emshg/        
     Veterans Information                                 www.bahrnoproducts.com/veteransinfo.htm
VA WRIISC-DC:  http://www.va.gov/WRIISC-DC/
VAOIG Hotline Telephone Number and Address:  http://www.va.gov/oig/hotline/hotline3.ht m
Vet Center Eligibility - Readjustment Counseling Service:  http://www.va.gov/rcs/Eligibility.htm
Veterans Benefits Administration Main Web Page:  http://www.vba.va.gov/
Veterans Legal and Benefits Information:  http://valaw.org/
VHA Forms, Publications, Manuals:  http://www1.va.gov/vhapublications/
VHA Programs - Clinical Programs & Initiatives:  http://www1.va.gov/health_benefits/page.cfm?pg=13
VHA Public Health Strategic Health Care Group Home Page:  http://www.publichealth.va.gov/
VHI Guide to Gulf War Veterans(tm)
Health:  http://www1.va.gov/vhi_ind_study/gulfwar/istudy/index.asp
Vocational Rehabilitation:  http://www.vba.va.gov/bln/vre/
Vocational Rehabilitation Subsistence:  http://www.vba.va.gov/bln/vre/InterSubsistencefy04.doc
VONAPP online:  http://vabenefits.vba.va.gov/vonapp/main.asp
WARMS - 38 CFR Book C:  http://www.warms.vba.va.gov/bookc.html
Wartime Disability Compensation:  http://frwebgate.access.gpo.gov/cgi-bin/getdoc.cgi?dbname=browse_usc  -  http://frwebgate.access.gpo.gov/cgi-bin/getdoc.cgi?dbname=browse_usc&docid=Cite:+38USC1110> &docid=Cite:+38USC1110
War-Related Illness and Injury Study Center - New Jersey:  http://www.wri.med.va.gov/
Welcome to the GI Bill Web Site:  http://www.gibill.va.gov/
What VA Social Workers Do:  http://www1.va.gov/socialwork/page.cfm?pg=3
WRIISC Patient Eligibility:  http://www.illegion.org/va1.html

Even More Veterans Information Links for Veterans
(Thanks to another unrecorded, anonymous source; apologies for repeating any website above.)

VFW National Home for Children     www.vfwnationalhome.org/
VFW Supply Catalog http://patrioticware.com/
VFW National Ladies Auxiliary   www.ladiesauxvfw.com/
VFW Operation Uplink    www.operationuplink.org/
VFW Unmet Needs Program    www.unmetneeds.com/
VFW Department Resources   www.vfwdepartmentresources.org

Military Branch Sites:
US Navy    www.navy.mil/
US Army     www.army.mil/
US Marine Corps    www.usmc.mil/
US Coast Guard    www.uscg.mil/
US Air Force      www.af.mil/
US Navy Seabees     www.seabee.navy.mil/

More Government sites:
Send the Troops a Message  www.americasupportsyou.mil/americasupportsyou/Message.aspx?SectionID=5
US Department of Defense   www.defenselink.mil/
DFAS & MyPay    www.dfas.mil
DD214 Requests    www.archives.gov/research/index.html
Thrift Savings Plan http://tsp.gov/
TRICARE    www.tricare.osd.mil/
TRICARE TOOLKIT for Wounded, Ill, and Injured  www.tricare.mil/wii
National Archives www.archives.gov/
Department of Veterans Affairs    www.va.gov/
House Committee on Veterans' Affairs http://veterans.house.gov/
Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs    www.senate.gov/~veterans/
Veteran Preference of US Office of Personnel Mgmt    www.hr.dla.mil/library/html/vetpref.htm
Veteran's Health Benefits http://www1.va.gov/health_benefits/
Veteran's Educational Benefits     www.gibill.va.gov/
Veteran's Vocational Rehab & Employment     www.vba.va.gov/bln/vre/index.htm
Veteran's Burial & Memorial Benefits    www.cem.va.gov/
Veteran's Home Loans     www.homeloans.va.gov/
Office of Personnel Management - Jobs  http://usajobs.opm.gov/
Board of Veteran's Appeals   www.va.gov/vbs/bva/
Center for Minority Veterans    www1.va.gov/centerforminorityveterans/
Center for Woman Veterans     www1.va.gov/womenvet/
Veterans in Business    www.vetbiz.gov/
Code of Federal Regulations http://ecfr.gpoaccess.gov/
VA Forms including SGLI/VGLI   www.va.gov/vaforms/
Homeless Veterans    www1.va.gov/homeless/
IL Dept of Veterans Affairs     www.nasdva.com/illinois.html
Social Security Administration     www.ssa.gov/
Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery   www.cem.va.gov/nchp/abrahamlincoln.htm
American Battle Monument Commission    www.abmc.gov/
Government Benefits    www.govbenefits.gov/

News & other good websites:
DoD News about War on Terrorism    www.defendamerica.mil/
Veterans News & Information Service    www.vnis.com/
News & much more    www.military.com/ 
Army Times, Navy Times, Marine Corps Times, Air Force Times News online www.militarycity.com/
Military News    www.militarynews.com/
News & More    www.militaryspot.com/
Pentagon Channel News   www.pentagonchannel.com/
Stars & Stripes    www.estripes.com/
US Tribute Page http://usaforever.org/
 'We Support You' Video  www.usaforever.org/flash/WeSupportU.htm
American Red Cross   www.redcross.org/
Send a Care Package    www.anysoldier.com/
World War II Veterans http://ww2.vet.org/
National WWII Memorial    www.wwiimemorial.com/
Korean War Veterans Association   www.kwva.org/
Korean War Project    www.koreanwar.org/
Retirees Activities Office - Korea    www.rao-osan.com/
The Vietnam Memorial Wall http://grunt.space.swri.edu/thewall.htm
Find a Name on The Wall http://grunt.space.swri.edu/thewall/thewall.html
Vietnam Veterans Memorials  http://grunt.space.swri.edu/vietmems.htm
Library of Congress Vietnam POW/MIA database http://rs6.loc.gov/pow/powhome.html
Gulf War Veterans       www.gulfwarvets.com/
Great Lakes Commissary     www.commissaries.com/stores/html/store.cfm?dodaac=HQCCAG&page=home/ 
Medals of America http://usmedals.com/
USN Sea Cadet Corps, JFK Division    www.sollmann.com/jfk/
Village of Glendale Heights   www.glendaleheights.org/
Veteran's Jobs     www.vetjobs.com/
The Retired Enlisted Association of America    www.trea.org/
Fleet Reserve Association      www.fra.org/
Disabled American Veterans     www.dav.org/
Veteran Connections:  http://vetfriends.com
Veteran's Business Outreach Center    www.vboc.org/
Woman's Memorial    www.womensmemorial.org/
Non Commissioned Officer Association    www.ncoausa.org/
Navy Seabees of America  http://nsva.org/
American Legion http://legion.org
American Veterans    www.amvets.org
Gold Star Wives of America http://goldstarwives.org/
American Gold Star Mothers    www.goldstarmoms.com/
Veteran's Legal Info http://valaw.org/
Association of the US Army    www.ausa.org/
Marine Corps League    www.mcleague.org/
Navy League    www.navyleague.org/
Answers.com Military Resource Guide  http://military.answers.com/
Veterans Humor:  www.bahrnoproducts.com/humorandinterestingitems.htm

Neighborhood Watch Tips:   http://bahrnoproducts.com/NeighborhoodWatchTips.htm
Avoid Scam and Con Artists   www.avoidthescam.net/facts.html

Still More
Veterans Information Links for Veterans
(Thanks to Champe Miller, USMA '74; apologies for repeating any website above.)

Appeals   www.warms.vba.va.gov/admin21/m21_1/mr/part1/ch05.doc
Board of Veteran's Appeals 
CARES Commission
CARES Draft National Plan
Center for Minority Veterans
Center for Veterans Enterprise
Center for Women Veterans
Clarification on the changes in VA healthcare for Gulf War Veterans  
Classified Records - American Gulf War Veterans Assoc 
Compensation for Disabilities Associated with the Gulf War Service
Compensation Rate Tables, 12-1-03   
Department of Veterans Affairs Home Page
Directory of Veterans Service Organizations  
Disability Examination Worksheets Index, Comp  
Due Process  
Duty to Assist   
Electronic Code of Federal Regulations
Emergency, Non-emergency, and Fee Basis Care 
Environmental Agents   
Environmental Agents M10  
Establishing Combat Veteran Eligibility  
www1.va.gov/gulfwar/docs/DUHandbook1303122304.DOC  and www1.va.gov/vhapublications/ViewPublication.asp?pub_ID=1158
See also, Depleted Uranium Fact Sheet 


Federal Benefits for Veterans and Dependants 2005   www1.va.gov/opa/vadocs/fedben.pdf OR,
Forms and Records Request  
General Compensation Provisions  
Geriatrics and Extended Care  
Guideline for Chronic Pain and Fatigue MUS-CPG 
Guide to Gulf War Veteran's Health  
Gulf War Subject Index 
Gulf War Veteran's Illnesses Q&As  
Homeless Veterans  
HSR&D Home

Index to Disability Examination Worksheets C&P exams  
Ionizing Radiation  
Iraqi Freedom/Enduring Freedom Veterans VBA  
M 10 for spouses and children 
M10 Part III Change 1  
M21-1 Table of Contents   
Mental Disorders, Schedule of Ratings  
Mental Health Program Guidelines 
Mental Illness Research, Education and Clinical Centers 
MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Centers of Excellence
My Health e Vet    www.myhealth.va.gov/

NASDVA.COM    http://nasdva.com/
National Association of State Directors  
National Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention 
Neurological Conditions and Convulsive Disorders, Schedule of Ratings  
OMI (Office of Medical Inspector)   
Online VA Form 10-10EZ     https://www.1010ez..med.va.gov/sec/vha/1010ez/
Parkinson's Disease and Related Neurodegenerative Disorders 
Peacetime Disability Compensation 
Pension for Non-Service-Connected Disability or Death 
Persian Gulf Registry 
This program is now referred to as Gulf War Registry Program (to include Operation Iraqi Freedom) as of March 7, 2005:
Persian Gulf Registry Referral Centers 
Persian Gulf Veterans' Illnesses Research 1999, Annual Report To Congress 
Persian Gulf Veterans' Illnesses Research 2002, Annual Report To Congress 
Phase I PGR   
Phase II PGR  
Policy Manual Index  
Power of Attorney 
Project 112 (Including Project SHAD)  
Prosthetics Eligibility 
Public Health and Environmental Hazards Home Page 
Public Health/SARS 
Publications Manuals  
Publications and Reports 


Records Center and Vault Homepage    www.rcv.va.gov/
Research Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans Illnesses April 11, 2002
Research Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans Illnesses 
Research and Development 
Survivor's and Dependents' Educational Assistance  http://www.gibill.va.gov/benefits/other_programs/dea.html
Title 38 Index Parts 0-17 
Part 18 
Title 38 Part 3 Adjudication Subpart "Pension, Compensation, and Dependency and Indemnity Compensation
Title 38 Pensions, Bonuses & Veterans Relief (also §3.317 Compensation for certain disabilities due to undiagnosed illnesses found here)
Title 38 - 4.16 Total disability ratings for compensation based on unemployability of the individual. "SCHEDULE FOR RATING DISABILITIES
Subpart "General Policy in Rating
U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims

VA Best Practice Manual for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) 
PTSD Foundation of America   www.ptsdusa.org
VA Fact Sheet  
VA Health Care Eligibility  
VA Life Insurance Handbook" Chapter 3 
VA MS Research  
VA National Hepatitis C Program  
VA Office of Research and Development   
VA Trainee Pocket Card on Gulf War   
www1.va.gov/emshg/         Veterans Information                                 www.bahrnoproducts.com/veteransinfo.htm
VA WRIISC-DC   www.va.gov/WRIISC-DC/
VAOIG Hotline Telephone Number and Address 
Vet Center Eligibility - Readjustment Counseling Service 
Veterans Benefits Administration Main Web Page 
Veterans Legal and Benefits Information   
VHA Forms, Publications, Manuals  
VHA Programs - Clinical Programs & Initiatives  
VHA Public Health Strategic Health Care Group Home Page   
VHI Guide to Gulf War Veterans Health 
Vocational Rehabilitation  
Vocational Rehabilitation Subsistence 
VONAPP online   
WARMS - 38 CFR Book C  
Wartime Disability Compensation 
War-Related Illness & Injury Study Center - New Jersey 
Welcome to the GI Bill Web Site  
What VA Social Workers Do  
WRIISC Patient Eligibility    


General Interest

To Our Veterans, We honor, We remember ("Mansions of the Lord"):

Poignant Photos from Iraq:  www.clermontyellow.accountsupport.com/flash/UntilThen.swf

Iraq Veterans Memorial (Video Tributes):  http://iraqmemorial.org

Honor the Fallen (Locator):  www.militarycity.com/valor/honor.html

"Let's Say Thanks!":  Send a free printed postcard to a soldier serving overseas

World War II, J. Maxwell Edmonds, epitaph on Second Division memorial, Kohima, Burma, 1944
"When you go home, Tell them of us, and say -- For your tomorrow, We gave our today."

Vietnam quote from Dana L. Safford, former Sergeant, USMC: 
"For those who have fought for it, life has a flavor the protected will never know."

LTG Hal Moore and Joe Galloway, "We Are Soldiers Still":
"What all of us know in our hearts is that we are soldiers still.  Some of us revisit the battlefield in nightmares.  Some of us wear scars, visible and invisible, that mark us as
changed men who walk unseen among our neighbors, who have never known what it is like to hold a dying boy in their arms and watch the life fade from his questioning eyes."

Iraq quote from Jacob B. Schick, Cpl, USMC, wounded 20 Sept 2004 (Alive Day [anniversary of a very close escape from death] Memories):
"When you look at the American flag, what do you see?  You know most people say, "an American flag."  OK.  I can put you in a setting that would make your skin crawl. 
Because you've never been and seen a national anthem with a bunch of guerneys and wheelchairs and people with fake limbs and no limbs, burned faces, burned bodies,
and seen them salute as good as they could to the American flag....  The fight doesn't stop when you get home.  In our cases, it's just begun." 

Quote from Chaplain Gregory Todd, speaking at the Wounded Warriers Ceremony, Camp Lejeune, NC (Alive Day Memories):
"Today, Lord, we honor those who bear the scars of their service that testify to their duty in the protection and defense that they have provided us.  We continue to pray for
our brothers and sisters in arms, those who stand the watch and are still in harm's way.  Send your angels to protect them and bring them back to us safely.  Amen."  


"In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row...."
-- Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae

"We cherish too, the Poppy red
That grows on fields where valor led,
It seems to signal to the skies
That blood of heroes never dies."
--  Moina Michael, in response


Arlington National Cemetery

"Rest easy, sleep well my brothers. 
Know the line has held, your job is done.
Rest easy, sleep well.
Others have taken up where you fell, the line has held.
Peace, peace, and farewell..."



'"Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands.  Protect them as they protect us.  Bless them and their families for the selfless acts they perform for us in our time of need.  Amen."















Signal Corps Quotes (Signal Sayings):

       “If you ain’t got commo, you ain’t got s#$&!” --  LTG Robert F. Sink of "Band of Brothers" fame.    
“Without commo, all you command is your desk.”  “The winner of the next war will be the side that has the last antenna standing." 

    "Down because you crossed a wire?      Call Signal Corps for all you require!"                    

"Orange Juice [electricity] - the official drink of the Signal Corps?"   Bill Bahr     9/4/2014

   "First in, last out!"  


Comrades, RIP:  In St. Paul Evergreen Cemetery in Bloomingdale, IL,  lie 71 veterans with graves indicated by markers donated by the Bloomingdale Historical Society and the Bloomingdale VFW Post.  9 veterans are from the War of 1812;  27 from the Civil War;  10 from WWI;  17 from WWII;  5 from Korea;  and 3 from Vietnam.  Civil War Union headstones are rounded; Confederate, pointed.  Legend says that the pointed top was adopted to prevent "Yankees" from sitting on Confederate headstones.  Also here lies beloved comrade Otto Knapp, our All-State Post Commander, 1994-95.  Our ceremony honors these veterans every year on Memorial Day.  Come join us!


Cemetery Memorial for Veterans in Bloomingdale

Recent press releases from the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs

Bean Navy!!   :) 



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