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Art by William J. Bahr, 1969, on the subject of the Academy. 
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More art coming soon.  More art coming soon.  More art coming soon.  More art coming soon.  More art coming soon.  More art coming soon.  More art coming soon.



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Ring of Eagles

Alternate title inscription for Ring of Eagles colorized line drawing: "Seven for '07 — Approximately 49 (7x7) minutes 
before the Cadet Ring Ceremony for the Class of 2007, seven eagles gathered above Trophy Point." 
Artist has rearranged them into a symbolic ring.  Inquiries welcome.
NB:  The eagles are American Bald Eagles wintering at USMA, per grad and local resident Mike Colacicco.
A group of eagles is usually described as a "convocation." 

In addition to "Ring of Eagles," other drawings coming very soon: 
"Reveille," "A Tension," "Take Seats," "Big Bites," "Long Gray Lines," "Long Gray Wave,"
"Making the GRADe," "Reunion," "Old Grads," and "Support Our Troops." 

**  Real First Captain feathers on plume.  Interesting story. 



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