Bloomingdale Historical Society  

Bloomingdale Historical Society

Historical Society Garage Sale:  18-19 May 2017

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Bonnie Homola

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(630) 582-8101


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101 Fairfield Way, Bloomingdale, IL  60108


Bloomingdale Historical Society donated the monument for the cemetery. 
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Meetings are held at the Bloomingdale Public Library on the first Monday of each month at 7 pm except on holiday weekends.

In the meantime, please come talk with us at the Bloomingdale Farmers' Market.  We'll be at booth #5 there from 3-7 pm on Thursdays, 23 June and 28 July 2016.

About us: 

Bloomingdale Historical Society (BHS) preserves and presents the history of Bloomingdale, Illinois.  BHS works with the Bloomingdale Public Library to save historical documents and oral histories of current and former Village residents.  BHS saves and preserves historic artifacts in a safe, accessible location for all residents to enjoy. 

Bloomingdale is one of the earliest villages settled in what is now DuPage County.  The Meacham family settled here in 1833, and by the end of the following year, 12-15 families had settled in the locality.  The community was served by the Chicago-Galena Highway, modern-day Lake Street.   It became an important stop for stage coaches and westward travelers.  Originally a Cook County settlement, it was annexed by DuPage in 1839, and incorporated as a village later that year.  The northern part of the village wanted to develop commercially while the southern part wished to remain a farming community.  In 1922, the village split to accommodate this — the northern portion of the town was incorporated as Roselle. 

The Bloomingdale Historical Society published a book on the history of Bloomingdale, "Images of America - Bloomingdale," as told through photographs and captions.  Books are available for purchase at the Village Hall, Library, and Chamber Office for $19.99, with all proceeds going to the Bloomingdale Historical Society.

Dues per year:  $10 for Individual; $15 for Couple; $20 for Family (3 or more); $5 for Senior Citizen (65 or older); $5 for Student (18 and younger).

Come join us and help make Bloomingdale History! 


Question 4U! 

Share Your Memories of Bloomingdale

Today is tomorrow’s history; help us preserve our history for tomorrow! While we were doing the research for our Village of Bloomingdale book, it surprised us how little information has been preserved on our village from the 1950’s through today. We would like you to take some time and write down some of your memories of living in Bloomingdale. After you have done this please turn your memories into the Local History Room at the Library.

Please we want everyone’s memories, so if you have children at home or who have moved away, ask them to write down what they remember of growing up here in Bloomingdale. Often the same day means different things to different age groups, so we are hoping to get many different perspectives.

Thank you,
Bloomingdale Historical Society

When did you move to Bloomingdale? Where did you move from? Why did you move to Bloomingdale?

What did the corner of Bloomingdale Road and Lake Street look like?

Where did you do your grocery shopping? How far did you have to drive?

Where was your doctor/dentist located? Do you now have a local doctor/dentist?

Did you go to school here? Which one(s)? What years? What are some of your memories of school?

Did you belong to a scout troop? Sports Team? Memories from either or both?

Do you or did you belong to one of the many clubs in Bloomingdale? (example: Garden Club, Lion’s, Jaycee’s, Woman’s Club, VFW, etc.) Why did you join? Memories?

Do you belong or attend one of the churches in Bloomingdale? Which one? Memories?

What event stands out in your mind? A Familyfest, Septemberfest? Why?

What changes have you seen in our Village?

What does Bloomingdale mean to you?

Name ___________________________________ May we use your name? ______

Click here to copy, paste, and send your answers to Bonnie Homola.    Thanks! 



Old Town Map and Guide


Bloomingdale Historical Society 1975 Booklet

Please visit our friends at the Cemetery Memorial for Veterans in Bloomingdale
for Veterans Grave Locator, identification of relics from all major American wars, and much more.

Please visit our friends at the Bloomingdale Park District Museum.